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Hola...Welcome to my page!

Here, you’ll be able to see samples of my previous work as a voiceover talent professional, audio producer and copy/script writer for commercial spots.

From an early age, I was exposed to live radio and immediately fell in love with it. Ever since I first stepped into a studio I became intrigued to learn the ins and outs of the Mass Media Communications industry. Years later, I studied Journalism and Communications and began a professional career in Radio that has given me the opportunity to acquire hands on experience in audio production, on-air, promotions, marketing, management, programming, and most importantly, years and years of voiceover expertise.


Work Ethics

I focus on my clients business needs and possibilities. I don’t up-sell businesses if I know they don’t need certain additional features/services. On the contrary, I provide my clients free consultation time and intelligent solutions to ease their marketing efforts through techniques that saves them money, time and effort. Working harder, rather than smarter, doesn’t guarantee you the best results! I can help you outline, balance and analyze your basic needs vs. wants, so together, we can find what best suits your marketing goals.

If you don’t find a
Spanish Voiceover Demo in my Portfolio that is similar to what you have in mind, please contact me either way, as I will be able to tell you whether or not I am your best Spanish voiceover talent choice or if I do or don’t have experience in that specific area of expertise you may be looking for, e.g., I’m not a good singer at all, therefore I don’t do jingles.

Every day, I look forward to helping businesses create and/or improve their image. I also enjoy learning new technologies related to the industry that has given me some of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

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