Female Spanish & English with a light Latin accent Voiceover Services

Voice Description:
My voice is convincing, clear, energetic and strong.
I can help you say exactly what you mean. You can use my voice on commercials, imaging, narratives, newscasts, weather and traffic reports, story tales, audiobooks, presentations, cartoon characters and many more.
I easily adjust to happy, sad, sexy, strong, aggressive, professional, up-beat, you name it.

Voice Genders and "Ages" I Can Perform
Baby - Child

Teenage Girl - Young Adult Female
Middle Age Female
Senior Female
Spanish & English with a light Latin accent
Latin American Neutral
And other region related accents that can be used for short funny parts only, ae. Cuban, Puerto Rican, Costeños, Fresa, Chilango, etc.

You can use my voice for:
- Commercials, Promos, Spots
- IVR, voicemail, phone systems, and on-hold messages
- Training, business presentations, sales, and web sites
- Audiobooks
- Videogames
- Documentaries
- TV shows and movies
- Movie and game trailers
- Podcasts
- You name it!

Script, Copy & Commercial Writing

If you...
- Already have marketing materials, but only in English
- Use Google Translate
- Have a bilingual team but are not sure how good their Spanish is
- Can’t find the words that would best describe your business
- Are looking for a unique idea
- Want to target different demographics within the Latino Market contact me!

Say exactly what you mean!

To be able to effectively sell a product or service to the Latino consumer, one not only needs to speak the language, one must also know the culture.
Understanding your customers goes beyond speaking their language… 

I can help!

Audio Recording, Editing, Mixing & Production

:15, :30, :60 second Commercial Spots, Promos, PSA's for Radio & TV
Informative / Educational Capsules
News, Weather, Traffic casts
Business Presentations
Web Advertisement
Movies, documentaries, movie trailers
Audio Branding
Noise Reduction (Hum’s, coughs, background noise, etc.)
Voice Manipulation, Audio Effects & Speed
Have an extensive Sound Effects Library with virtually any sound effect you can think of.

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